Power quality is the set of limits of electrical properties that allows electrical systems to function in their intended manner without significant loss of performance or life.

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As more and more industries opt for process automation to increase control over operations and save on energy, the use of electronic equipment has also increased simultaneously,

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Every object with a temperature above absolute zero (0 Kelvin =-273.15 °C) emits infrared radiation. This infrared radiation is invisible to the human eye. As the physicist Max

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The DCA (Data Centre Audit) Program is a half-day audit of your data centre, during which an EDGETM expert in data centre design and operations compares your..

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From retail and hospitality to commercial and industrial, Edge Technologies LED lighting is saving energy and creating beautifully-lit spaces around the world.


Safety Audit is management tool comprising of a systematic ,periodic and objective evaluation of how well the safety organization, management and equipment are performing, with the aim of helps to safeguard a company’s assets by facilitating management control of safety, health and environmental practices and assessing compliance with established standards.

Advantages: Advantages of the walk-though energy audit include faster results and lower cost. EMO’s can be implement faster. During the walk-through audit if the auditor uncovers EMO (Energy Management Opportu-nities) that could benfit from a comprehensive audit , the auditor may well recommend a more sophisticatedaudit for a specific part of a system or process.
Disadvantages: Not as sophisticated as a comprehensive energy audit, less data collected and analysed.

Vibration Analysis is a Powerful Tool that when integrated into an overall inspection program will help save maintenance cost by: Reducing the Risk of unexpected downtime, Extremely effective safeguard against total cost, Time ordering of replacement parts to reduce expediting costs, Advance planning shortens repair and inspection times.

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EDGE TECHNOLOGIES incorporated in the year 1999 is located in HYDERABAD, South India. It was initiated to provide tailor made solutions to meet Customer demands, with an emphasis on Power Quality studies and Solutions. Since then, we have earned a reputation as a leading Power Quality & Energy Audit service(s) cum solution(s) provider.

Vision & Mission

➢ Vision: “To be a global market leader in the field of Power Quality problems”
➢ Mission: “To ensure desired quality & customize the best economical solution and have 100% customer satisfaction”

Our Business Strategy:

  • To maintain and improve quality standards in all the products supplied.
  • To ensure consistent and timely supply to the client.
  • To maintain harmonious relationship with Clients, Consultants & Associates.
  • To create a working atmosphere to enable the employees growth & Prosper.


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